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We are An American Company. Many of our products are still made right here in the United States. That may not be important to some people but it is increasingly important to us ...

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Owen's Originals is a family owned business located in the heart of America in North Central Kansas. We have been serving professional photographers for many years (Since 1978). We offer a large range of photography related items-many produced right here in our studio. They include photography backdrops, hand painted on canvas and muslin, a large assortment of photo studio equipment including both strobe and continuous lighting, photography props of all kinds, digital backdrops, green screen and green screen software, light stands, backdrop stands and hundreds of other items for the professional photography studio.

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here are some answers:

Number one: trust. We are an American, family owned business. We are located in the center of the country in north central Kansas. We have been here a long time-since 1978. While many sites will not put even their phone number or email address where you can find them, you can find ours on every page. That in itself should tell you what we want you to be sure of: you can trust us.

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That is a fair question that deserves an answer. The answer is that if you check closely, they may not be cheaper. Are there hidden charges? (high shipping for example?) We ship free if your order is over $50.00. That in itself can be a big savings. Second, we are always right here, ready to help if you have a problem. You may have had experience trying to deal with a customer service representitive from China or India. Last, other sites are often not cheaper if you check our many special offers and coupons.

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If so, we want to say "Thanks!" by offering a no strings attached 10% discount on your entire order. No matter is it is a single backdrop or a large studio package, we will discount it 10%. You don't have to prove anything. just enter discount code "VET" at the end of your order. The reason we do not require proof is that we feel there are few Americans who would lie about that just to save some money.

Backdrop Painter-1800s

A Short History of Painted Photography Studio Backdrops

My name is Brad Owen. I started out as a High School Art teacher way back in 1975. In 1978, a local portrait photographer named John Leubs approached me and asked if I had ever painted a photography backdrop. I had no clue of what he meant. He explained that backdrops were either blended color or scenic images typically painted on canvas that could be unrolled and hung in the studio behind the subject to enhance the visible surroundings thus the name "Backdrop" or "Background" . Backdrop Painter working in the 1920s After doing some research (in the library, remember, this was pre- Internet). I found out painted backdrops on canvas had been a pretty standard item in portrait studios for many years, dating back pretty much to the advent of portrait photography. I also found that many of them were commissioned to be done by local artists. Most were highly prized as necessary tools of the trade and since they all were hand painted by individual artists, many of them helped to establish the signature "look" of well known studios as no two were ever exactly the same. Anyway, I went to Mr. Leubes studio and looked at the two backdrops he had been using. I told him I thought I could do one. He had some large canvas and some space to paint in his studio basement. I began to experiment and produced (after some trial and error) a couple of canvases John was willing to try. He liked the results and said if I would produce a few more, we would take them to the next photography show he went to and he believed they would sell. Well, I did (paint some) he did (take them to a show) and they did (sell) . I was thrilled! Remember, I was supporting a young family on a teacher's salary and a couple hundred bucks made a huge difference at that time. So, in 1978, Owen's Originals Backdrops was born. HERE is A Video Of a Backdrop being painted in our studio. I went on to paint canvas for several more years. At first, just to sell at shows, then by placing classified ads in Photography publications. Canvas continued to be popular. As I went along, I became aware there were a few other fledgling backdrop companies out there. All, pretty much canvas and all pretty much American made. At one of the shows,I noticed a new vendor. He was selling a backdrop he called "Muslin" to me it looked just like a colored bed sheet but much larger. I said "But it is so wrinkly" He said, "That is how they like it". He was selling a lot. This was in the early eighties. So, I found a source in the south for raw-American Made Muslin and began to paint, dye and sell Muslin backdrops as well as Canvas. For the first several years, we hand painted all that we sold. It did not matter if it was a scenic image or just a blended Old Masters Style Canvas. All were painted from scratch right here in Washington, Kansas in our studio. Needless to say, this was a very labor intensive process. Often, a large scenic muslin could easily take ten to fifteen hours from start to finish. Although we were very proud of the work we put out, I began to notice that my competitors were offering scenic and muslin backdrops at lower prices. I eventually found out that they were importing finished backdrops-at first from India and later from China. The lower prices were due to the huge difference in labor costs in those countries compared to here in the U.S. So, in order to compete, I decided to try importing some of our backdrops while still continuing to hand paint some here. I found that generally, the backdrops produced in India were better quality that those from China so we mostly concentrated on those. This went on for several years until a few years ago, a customer asked if we did Custom printed backdrops. This was another new revelation to me so I researched it. I had toyed with the idea before but it seemed the technology had not yet caught up to the idea. Large format printers were available but the materials they printed on were not well suited to backdrops. One was a heavy paper-like material that did not print well and had to be rolled between uses. The other was vinyl which could produce glare and would show fold marks. Finally, I found an American printer that was using the perfect material. We called it "Softeez" It is a jersey like material that prints very well, is wrinkle free and very tough. We have sold a lot of it over the past few years and I am especially happy that it is printed right here in the U.S.A.! So, that has been my history over the last forty odd years. It has been quite a ride. I can't help but wonder, when I am gone, if anyone will continue to paint backdrops in the future. Time will tell I guess. Brad Owen

softeez backdrops

The best wrinkle free backdrop on the market

"Softeez" are a new wrinkle free printed backdrop. Printed on a fleece blanket material, the colors and print quality are vivid, they will not wrinkle and they wear like iron. . All sides are finished . The 8x8, 8x10, 10x10 and 10x20 come with a 3 inch pocket for hanging. The other great thing about them is that you can design your own at no additional cost. If you would like to have us print a custom backdrop for you, all that is required is a .jpeg image saved as the format you choose at 72 dpi. In other words, a 5x6 ft. backdrop would require an image 82 inches x 62 inches at 72 dpi. If you would like to order a custom image, please call us at 785-325-2026 to order or with any questions you may have. Last but not least, Softeez are PRINTED IN AMERICA!


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lowest Prices and Highest Quality for all your trade show needs including Backdrops, Stands, Tablecloths, Retractable Banners, Flags and more. Get the most bang for your buck with Owen's Originals. We have been in the backdrop business since 1978!. Increase your impact and Trade Show ROA starting with a great display from us. We have no hidden costs and we are happy to work with you to make sure the next show you set up at will go smoothly and effectively. We even offer free shipping and free design work. Give Owen's Originals a try. you will be happy you did! !